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I feel like Lil’ Boosie’s letter to Alex and other kids he is a role model to that just came out has been circulating pretty heavy on the internet lately, so I won’t rehash the whole thing for you here, but reading about it did inspire me to put up a couple relevant songs for y’alls listening pleasure.  Matt put me on to Lil’ Boosie a little while back, so I gotta give props to him for this one, otherwise I woulda been totally ignorant of this whole scenario.  Thanks man.

I wish there was a video for this first track, but it was from when he was first startin out (back when he was still Pimp C Presents… Lil’ Boosie), so there probably wasn’t much money in the Trill Entertainment vaults to make tons of videos for this release.  It’s still a cool song though, I think.

Lil’ Boosie & Webbie – Keep it Gutta

And here’s a more recent one, and honestly one of my favorite videos I’ve seen recently.  I can’t not love a video where the rapper spends a good third of the video gettin a pump from his friend.

Lil’ Boosie – Top to the Bottom

Man, it’s painfully ironic hearing the intro to this song now in light of this recent story;  he sends it out to everybody who thought he’d be dead or in jail by now, and it turns out he is already one and just might end up being both of those things before too long.  Damn shame.  Maybe someday he can be back on top.

But hey, let’s finish this happy.  Reading that letter Boosie wrote, especially when he challenges his followers to “be better than me”, immediately reminded me of this TI song I just recently discovered, and since TI just got out of jail, it’s a little more of an uplifting note to end on.

TI – Be Better Than Me

Free Boosie.

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I’ve really been trippin off of some original samples to west coast G Funk songs lately, maybe cuz I just watched Friday?  Regardless, some really expertly chosen shit.  I’m pretty sure Simon showed me at least one of these, thanks dude.

David McCallum – The Edge

(The Next Episode)


Joe Cocker – Woman to Woman

(California Love)


The Isley Brothers – Footsteps in the Dark

(It Was A Good Day)


Michael McDonald – I Keep Forgettin’


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Today at work Matt was playing some Flying Lotus, and the track “Testament” came on, one of the few tracks on the album with vocals, in this case done by this dude named Gonjasufi.  I love that song, and it reminded me of the lone Gonjasufi album that came out a little while later called A Sufi And A Killer which I also really love.  Me and Matt talked for a little bit about him, and how we wish he had more music because he’s so cool, but he’s just got that one album so far.  So I was thinking about all that and I was going to post up a song or a video or something of his in case y’all needed a reminder that this dude is really cool.

In the process, I learned something very surprising.  Turns out his real name is Sumach Ecks (yeah, Ecks! Isn’t that crazy, Amber?) and he’s put out not one but FOUR albums under the name Sumach that I was completely unaware of.  Another site said he also goes by Randy Johnson, but I wasn’t able to track down any recordings to back up that claim.  I was able to get my hands on all those Sumach albums though, so I’ll be sifting through those over the next few days and hopefully I can post a couple of my favorites to you all so you can be part of this little exploration I’m on.  Exciting!

I will go ahead and follow through on my original intention of posting up a few videos from A Sufi And A Killer though.  Seems like he didn’t go to the trouble to get any official videos made (except for a couple little snippet preview video kinda things) but I was able to uncover a few pretty cool fan-made videos that are about as diverse in style as the music that goes with em.  Hope you all enjoy, and stay tuned for part 2 where hopefully I will have discovered some beautiful lost gems from the Sumach catalog.  Until then…

Gonjasufi – Duet


Gonjasufi – Holidays

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We just got done with another sweet outdoor movie at the coffee shop, this time we showed Friday (yeah I know it’s Wednesday, so what?), which I’ve already seen a bunch, but I never noticed until this time the sweet placement of this Curtis Mayfield song at one point in the movie.  There’s this kinda montage scene where Craig and Smokey are trying to plan out what they’re gonna do if Big Worm shows up, it’s right before when that girl that Smokey is supposed to hook up with shows up.  Yeah, the bald-headed one.  Dig it.

Curtis Mayfield – Little Child Runnin’ Wild

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Oh man, the best thing happened today.  Lemme back up though.  A couple months back I was re-shelving some records I’d pulled out to play a show, and I noticed one of em seemed a little on the light and skinny side, so I looked in and sure enough, the sleeve was straight up empty.  No idea where the record went.  And to make matters worse, it’s a really cool record – Marvin Gaye’s I Want You, which is an album I’ve really fallen in love with lately.  Bummer.  I figured I must have haphazardly stuck it in some other sleeve in the heat of the moment, but I had no way of knowing which one, so I just left it up to the fates to bring it back to me.

And today, it happened.  I was practicing for this experimental music show I’m helpin out with this Friday, and I pulled out what should have been a record of synthesized bell sounds (sorry I still got your record, Robbie.  I’ll get it back to you soon buddy) and instead I pulled out… Marvin Gaye.  Beautiful.

So in celebration, here’s a really awesome song from that album, plus a real cool song that samples that song as a bonus.  I don’t think this quite qualifies as a Rap Journey, only 2 stops, more of a… Soul Errand?  Nah that’s dumb.  No name for this one.  Just listen and CELEBRATE cuz now I can play this record for you all again when you come see me!  Thanks, universe!

Marvin Gaye – After the Dance

Nas – Play On, Playa (feat. Snoop Dogg)

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Pre-conceived notions: please move beside them.  I’m living off instinct.  The honor in my conscience, the fire in my soul. I’m not a rap artist.  This is spoken word. You niggas have nerve to have your doubts on what is superb.  Don’t mistake knowledge for wisdom.  The first is a living, the other is a gift.

– Lil’ B / Exhibit 6

Truthful words are not beautiful.
Beautiful words are not the truth.
Good men do not argue.
Those who argue are not good.
Those who know are not learned.
The learned do not know.

The sage never tries to store things up.
The more he does for others, the more he has.
The more he gives to others, the greater his abundance.
The Tao of heaven is pointed but does not harm.
The Tao of the sage is work without effort.

– Lao Tzu / Tao Te Ching


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This is the first installment of an ongoing series I want to do where I document some of the interesting journeys rap takes me on.  The more I listen to it, the more this kind of stuff happens and it’s one of my favorite things about rap/hiphop/whatever.  Within every song there’s often a passageway to some other related but different song, and there’s always so much sharing and borrowing and collaborating going on in rap that influences and samples and references get all blended together and they can take you some cool places if you take the time to track them down a little bit.  And often times you end up in a place you never would have gone to on your own.

This is a good example of that.  I was checkin out this new Snoop Dogg single, and there was this happy little “la la la” part that kept coming in and out throughout the song, and I was like “man I know I’ve heard that before…”

Snoop Dogg – Wonder What It Do (feat. Uncle Chucc)

I eventually tracked it down to this MF Doom beat called Black Snake Root from his Special Herbs collection.  Sweet!  Once I figured that out though, it inspired me to dig a little deeper and track down the original song that’s sampled in that beat.

MF Doom – Black Snake Root

A little web searchin uncovered this song, which I feel like is something I would not necessarily have paid attention to or given the time of day to without this kind of setup, and now I have a special appreciation for it because of how it relates to the music that I listen to today.

Boz Scaggs – Lowdown

And that’s a rap journey y’all!  Dig it

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I just finished this really cool interview with Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire, and the last line of it is kinda some deep shit, in my opinion.  He’s talkin about how he took the plunge, quit his day job, and is trying to get his rap career off the ground now and he describes the kind of mentality he has about it like this:

“It’s like Wile-E-Coyote. He don’t ever fall ’til he look down and realize he in the air. If you keep running and you don’t pay attention to that shit you gonna make it to the other side of the mountain.”

Hell yeah.



It’s hard to think of anything cooler than a bunch of elementary school kids in the late ’60s singing a song about James Brown.  Try it, it’s really hard.  This is really awesome to hear right now, but think about back then!  James Brown was just starting to really get into his funky phase, and was hugely popular.  Imagine hearing a bunch of inner city 4th graders today singing original songs about Lil’ Wayne or something. Crazy!!

Nancy Dupree – James Brown

props to HQ HipHop for cluing me in to this one

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The other day a bunch of us put together a pretty excellent outdoor screening of Pootie Tang, and it reminded me of a couple songs I’ve come across that feature some pretty funny Pootie Tang references.  Even if you haven’t seen Pootie Tang though, these tracks are still really cool and worth checkin’ out on their own, so don’t just skip over this.  They’re still relevant to you too.

The first one I totally owe to Andrew, even though I’ve heard this song probably a thousand times, I never noticed that there’s a really blatant Pootie Tang shout out during the intro until he pointed it out to me one day.  Thanks for it:

Jaylib – Official

The other one caught me pretty off guard too, just because it comes during a verse by The Game who I don’t expect to reference some goof ass shit like “wah-da-tay my damie” in his serious-pimpin’-on-hoes flow normally, but he totally does on this one:

Gucci Mane – I Might Be (feat. The Game & Shawnna)

It’s also funny that Gucci Mane, The Game, and Pootie Tang all sorta rhyme.  Too bad they didn’t work that into the song.  Maybe next time.  Shouts out to all the Pootie Tang fans out there, let me know if there are some more songs I need to know about in this vein.

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