The other day a bunch of us put together a pretty excellent outdoor screening of Pootie Tang, and it reminded me of a couple songs I’ve come across that feature some pretty funny Pootie Tang references.  Even if you haven’t seen Pootie Tang though, these tracks are still really cool and worth checkin’ out on their own, so don’t just skip over this.  They’re still relevant to you too.

The first one I totally owe to Andrew, even though I’ve heard this song probably a thousand times, I never noticed that there’s a really blatant Pootie Tang shout out during the intro until he pointed it out to me one day.  Thanks for it:

Jaylib – Official

The other one caught me pretty off guard too, just because it comes during a verse by The Game who I don’t expect to reference some goof ass shit like “wah-da-tay my damie” in his serious-pimpin’-on-hoes flow normally, but he totally does on this one:

Gucci Mane – I Might Be (feat. The Game & Shawnna)

It’s also funny that Gucci Mane, The Game, and Pootie Tang all sorta rhyme.  Too bad they didn’t work that into the song.  Maybe next time.  Shouts out to all the Pootie Tang fans out there, let me know if there are some more songs I need to know about in this vein.

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8 thoughts on “ONE FOR ALL MY DAMIES

  1. timothy says:

    dang, the jaylib was the only one i knew of. just did some snooping though and found a big sean song called dance (ass). funny song, pretty great pootie talkin though.

  2. timothy says:

    oh yeah, nate dogg’s ditty dum ditty doo. “all my niggas like doin the damn thang. happy beat it up like my nigga pootie tang.” i knew that i knew another one.

  3. j.ross mulcare says:

    There’s this lil piece from Fat Tony’s “Luv it Mayne”:

  4. REDLiteDJ says:

    Daaaaamn. Ears razor sharp as ever my man. Very nice

  5. […] While I’m following up previous posts that I didn’t plan on ever following up on, here’s this song to go with this previous Pootie Tang-inspired post. […]

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