I’m not sure I’ll ever stop finding out about awesome shit that I totally missed out on when it first came out.  It’s really discouraging sometimes.

I just read this little article Murs wrote about how he thinks Juvenile is the the most underrated artist in rap, and in it he talks about Juvenile’s song “Ha”, and especially the video for it and how compelling it was to him when he first saw it, and I’d never even heard the song before.  So I looked it up, and I think it’s totally amazing.  His rap style is totally crazy in it, and the video just hits so hard.  Maybe the realest-feeling rap video I’ve ever seen.  I just wish I’d been exposed to this when I was in 8th grade when it first came out, when I didn’t know anything about rap at all, much less southern rap, much less New Orleans rap.  Ah well, at least I got to it eventually.  Thanks, Murs.

Juvenile – Ha

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2 thoughts on “YOU AIN’T SCARED, HA?

  1. […] coming out, it just goes on and on.  He even talks about how when he heard the Jay-Z remix of this song I wrote about a little while back, that he knew that he’d made it in the […]

  2. […] as wild, uncontrollable, unpredictable.  The images in Rick Ross’s video look way more like Juvenile’s iconic “Ha” video than, say, Jay-Z’s most recent crisp black and white […]

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