This one’s cool.  I like this one.

So I’ve been checkin out some old school 8Ball & MJG albums lately (which I’m quickly discovering I should have done a LONG time ago) and the title track from their first album “Comin’ Out Hard” has a pretty prominent sample in it that I knew was familiar to me.

8Ball & MJG – Comin’ Out Hard

Do you know it yet…?  At first I thought it might be a Jill Scott song I’d heard, I knew it was from a live album of somebody like that…  Then it came to me.

Erykah Badu – Stay

But then I was like yo – 8Ball & MJG came out in like 1992 or some shit, and that Badu album is from 1997…  There’s a missing piece here.  A little searchin’ got me where I needed to be.

Rufus – Stay (feat. Chaka Khan)

I never realized it was a cover!  Crazy.

And that’s a rap journey y’all!  Dig it

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