I love how shit like this works out sometimes.

So if you’ve been keepin up, I just finished a series of posts chronicling my discovery of a bunch of old music by Gonjasufi (known as Sumach back then), so I was feeling really caught up on all of his music and I felt like I had a much deeper understanding of his whole aesthetic and where he was coming from and stuff.  It was a good feeling.  But then something awesome happened:  just today I found out that he came out with a new song, and he’s gonna be putting out a free EP in a few days!  What better way to lead up to listening to this brand new shit than to totally revisit his ENTIRE back catalog, right??  This is such an awesome coincidence, I’m really happy how this worked out.  In case you missed those older posts, here are some links:  Part 1    Part 2    Part 3

And here’s the new song!  The EP comes out October 24th

Gonjasufi – Eatfish (feat. Blu)

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One thought on “BE RICH EAT FISH AND DIE

  1. open your heart chakra… I think this guy is the first yogi rapper i know of, it’s awesome

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