I really like it when a magazine or something sets up an interview, but instead of sending out an interviewer, they just get some other person involved in the stuff the person being interviewed is to interview them.  Did that make sense?

Example: I just read this interview where Tyler, the Creator interviews Nas for XXL, and it’s really awesome.  I feel like I learn way more about the people in interviews like that, they just kinda get comfortable with each other and talk about normal shit and it gives a much more intimate picture of who that person really is.  I guess the formal kind of interview is good too for like factual shit, like telling complete stories and stuff.  But for getting a little portrait of the person just as a person, I think this format is perfect.

I mean when else are you gonna hear Tyler, the Creator say some shit like this:

Being low-key is awesome…

That doesn’t come out when they’re bein put on the spot by some journalist to defend their whole ideology and aesthetic, you know?  I love it.

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  1. holy shit, this is the best thing i have ever read.

    “Tyler, the Creator: Go go-karting. It’s fun as fuck. I went last week. Sore as shit the next day. ’Cause then, if you go with your friends and shit, it’s like a competition on the low. Then y’all just be bumping into each other, like, “No, fuck that! I want to win!” It’s amazing.

    Nas: Dude, maybe I should hang with you more.”

    and that whole color conversation… incredible.

  2. REDLiteDJ says:

    yeah dude, that’s the kinda shit i’m talkin about! i’d much rather hear about that than what nas feels like the socio-political context and impact of his music is on the youth of America or whatever interviewers feel like they need to ask about. beautiful.

  3. Amber Eckley says:

    Nas: Do you like cheese?

    Tyler, the Creator: I love cheese.

    Nas: Cheddar or Swiss?

    Tyler, the Creator: Swiss. Cheddar for the most of my life. Today, it’s Swiss.

    Nas: Sick. That’s cool. I love fuckin’ cheddar. That’s my shit.

    Tyler, the Creator: Why? Why did you ask?

    Nas: I don’t know. I just want to know.

    Tyler, the Creator: I don’t know. What do you do, like, in your spare time? Do you play Xbox or anything?

    Nas: No, I’ve actually spent a lot of time being lonely as fuck, you know? It’s, like…you just do nothing.

    so fucking awesome. so quoteable.

    Dude, maybe I should hang with you more.

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