I saw today that Complex did a 25 Loudest Rappers Ever list, and usually I don’t like thinking about things in ranked list form, but I’ve been listening to a bunch of Waka Flocka lately and I was just curious about where they ranked him on there (because there’s no way he could be left off that list).  Turns out they put him at #5, which I can’t really argue with.  I mean that’s higher up than 2Pac, ODB, and MOP.  Not bad.

Anyway, what I actually wanted to write about was this:  they put Busta Rhymes in there, unsurprisingly, and the song they mentioned was (as I’m sure you guessed by the title of this post) “Woo Hah!” which I hadn’t listened to in a reeeeal long time, and re-listening to it made me wonder if I could find out where the sample in that beat is from.

Galt MacDermot – Space


I feel like the bridge section at right around the 1:00 mark is in an MF Doom beat somewhere too, but I’ll be damned if I can think of where it’s at.  Anybody?

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