You might not know it from listening to me DJ at places, but if you know me at all as a person you’ll know I’m totally obsessed with Miles Davis, and have been for a long time now.  He’s kinda my hero.  I’ve tried about 5 different times now to describe what I love so much about him and his music, and I’ve failed to convey it coherently and ended up deleting it and starting over every time.  Maybe it’s just not the right time for that post.

What this post is really about is that even though I’m totally obsessed with Miles Davis, he has so much music out there that I still, every now and then, come across some stuff that I’m totally unfamiliar with.  Today was one of those times.  We were listening to a “Bitches Brew” Pandora station at work, and this song came on and rocked my world pretty hard.  See what you think.

Miles Davis – Come Get It

I guess it’s from an album called Star People that came out in 1983.  It was never issued on CD in North America, you can only get it as part of some Complete Columbia Albums boxed set or something, which explains why I’ve never heard it or even heard of it before.  I was unaware he’d made anything like this, especially in the 80s.  I’m definitely gonna try and track the rest of the album down though, cuz Miles really took it to some different levels on this one I think.  That’s one of the great things about that dude, he’s always surprising me.  Bad ass.


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