This is another one that Amber laid out for me recently,  and it’s mind-blowing.

I feel like J Dilla gets a pretty common reputation for being the sorta understated, kind, soulful, loving side of hip hop, which he totally was in a lot of ways, but he also knew how to get straight nasty on a track, and I admire that a lot about him.  Prime example.

J Dilla – Crushin’

I wish I could find the unedited version of this on the internet someplace, it’s so much better.  But you still get the idea.  Here’s the thing though: this is one of those songs that I never thought I’d ever hear the original tracks to, it just seemed unreachably obscure or something.  But leave it to Amber to make the impossible possible.

Cannonball Adderley – Soul Virgo

Sylvia – Sweet Stuff

I can’t get over how awesome that is to hear, thanks Amber!

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One thought on “WHERE MY FREAKS AT?

  1. […] Normally, I wouldn’t take up a whole blog post just to rehash some stuff I’d already said, but I thought that in light of my new Drive Slow mixtape that contains a song that is very dear to my heart that uses this Sylvia Robinson track as its basis, and the fact that I didn’t originally post the Soul Train video the first go round, it was relevant enough to bring back out, and I thought maybe it’d motivate you to check out the archives yourself, maybe you’ll find a gem you lost track of too!  Here’s the original version of the track that uses “Sweet Stuff” so beautifully, you’ll have to get a copy of Drive Slow from me to hear the chopped & screwed version though.  Shout out to Amber for showing me this sample in the first place. […]

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