I never thought I’d hear a cover of Here I Am, Baby that I would  be really stoked on, but I was checking out this lady named Marcia Griffiths today, and this track popped up after 5 or so pretty standard but solid 70s reggae-style songs and it really blew me away.  I mean a female reggae singer is pretty fuckin rare on its own, but then finding this dark, funky Al Green cover mixed in feels like… finding the needle on the diamond in the rough in the haystack, or some shit.

Marcia Griffiths – Here I Am, Baby

Mmm.  So sweet.

If you’re lookin to dig a bit deeper, she’s also got a pretty sweet cover Put A Little Love In Your Heart, and Don’t Let Me Down.  She also does The First Cut Is The Deepest, which is funny because Matt has shown me a different reggae version of that song before, but it’s not this one, and I couldn’t find the version I have or the one Matt has on the internet anywhere, there’s just this real 80s sounding one on YouTube that’s not as cool as the version on the album I have.  But if you can track down the album Play Me (Sweet and Nice), then it’s on there.

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