You should probably know by my decision to completely remix Cosmogramma (chopped & screwed style) a while back that I’m a big fan of what Flying Lotus is all about.  I feel like he can really delicately skate that line between electronic music and hip-hop, and in the process kinda transcend both of them, it’s really awesome.  So far he’s mostly been rockin things instrumental style though, there are usually only a couple cuts per album that will feature a vocalist, and he’s actually leaned more towards singers than rappers thus far.

But there have been a couple tracks (one came out about a year ago, the other one just earlier today) that he’s done with a rapper named Blu that I think are really excellent, and I’ve got my fingers crossed that they’ll have more material in the future, because I feel like it takes a certain kind of rapper to keep up with that Flying Lotus sound, and I haven’t heard anybody do it as good as Blu does so far.  Keep it up, fellas!


Blu – D O I N N O T H I N’ (feat. U-God)

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5 thoughts on “BLU LOTUS

  1. Amber Eckley says:

    man these videos are awesome.

  2. […] just discovered this and felt like it would be relevant to share given this recent post as well as the previous stuff I’ve posted about Flying Lotus’s music with rappers on it.  I never thought I’d hear Flying Lotus remix a Lil’ Wayne song, but given the fact […]

  3. […] I thought U-God‘s 4-word chant on the Blu/Flying Lotus track from last year was a weird […]

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