Here’s another one Amber put me on a few weeks back; chalk this up as another one I never thought I’d hear the original music to, but now I have thanks to her.  Leave it to Dilla to hear this track and be like “I’m gonna make a badass hip hop song out of this.”  What the hell.

Neil Innes & Son – Come On Feel the Noize

J Dilla – Wild

Oh, and as a little bonus (and so I can say I did at least A LITTLE work on this post), check out this sweet remix with some Flying Lotus beats in the background!

And if you just can’t get enough J Dilla – Wild related tracks, Madlib used that “Back to what we came to do now” in this track, which is one of my favorites from the album it’s on.

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One thought on “GIRLS GRAB THE BOYS

  1. […] somebody like the Foo Fighters (although I wouldn’t put it past him, judging by some of the shit he’s pulled from before), so I dug around a little bit and tracked down this song, which is actually pretty cool, I think, […]

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