Here are 2 songs called “Can’t Let Go” that are really great.  Cuz sometimes you just can’t.

Sleepy’s Theme – Can’t Let Go

Anthony Hamilton – Can’t Let Go

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2 thoughts on “CAN’T LET GO

  1. ooooh boy, these are both good.

    also, thank you rick for always helping me find new music, both directly and indirectly. i get so hyped about contributing to this site. sometimes i just search for something to add, like i was just like, “i wonder if i have any more tracks named can’t let go?” i didn’t, so then i was like, “there’s got to be more good tracks out there named that.” so i googled it, and found a strong arm steady track called “can’t let it go.” thought to myself, “i see that name all the time on stones throw, i should check it out.” found out they did a collaboration with madlib, and i love it. thanks rick. never would’ve given em a chance otherwise. well… maybe eventually, but you know.

  2. REDLiteDJ says:

    WOO! aw man thank YOU, i really appreciate your interest and contributions. That’s really what I hope happens with this site, I just want to make it easier for people to find the music that’s already in their heart but haven’t found out in the world yet. I’m glad it’s doin that for at least one person, it make it all worth it. LOVE

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