Damn.  Sade.

I’d heard her name for years, and I’d been meaning to listen to her music for so long, but I kept putting it off.  Then, after reading the interview I wrote about in this post, I finally decided to make it a priority, and I picked up her album Promise at Guestroom Records a week or two ago.  I quickly discovered I’d been putting her off for WAY too long, and I’m excited about exploring the rest of her treasures.

Aside from her music just being cool as hell though, there was a little bonus on the first track that made me smile real big.

Sade – Is It A Crime

Now maybe you smiled for a different reason, that’d be very understandable, there’s a lot to smile about in that song.  But this is what got me.

MF Doom – Kon Karne

I love how he adapts that “wider than Victoria Lake / taller than the Empire State” line from the Sade song into a few different variants at the beginning of each verse.  I also feel like the little break that happens at 4:43 in that Sade song would make a pretty cool beat —  I’m lookin at you Metal Face, I know you’re reading this right now.

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9 thoughts on “MY LOVE IS

  1. ross says:

    Damn, good ear. Love Sade but I never picked up on the DOOM reference.

    • REDLiteDJ says:

      Hey thanks, I definitely didn’t pick up on it right away, it was only after a few listens that I noticed. And the weird thing was I noticed the “my love is” part before I noticed the piano loop, which should have been much more obvious…

  2. hipop says:

    I just found the track through your site. Thanks!
    I am digging hard on the rap journeys, by the way.

  3. […] other day I posted this Sade song in relation to an MF Doom song, and as kind of an afterthought pointed out this one […]

  4. Reeve says:

    All kinds of wowz

  5. […] Not only that, but if you go a little further into that Just-Ice album, there’s another little snippet sample that pops up in the MF Doom track I talked about in this post! […]

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