The other day, somebody was playin some old school Mos Def at work (maybe Jasmine?) and it reminded me of this one song of his that I always really liked, but I especially like a certain remix of it.  That’s just the beginning though.

Here’s the original, for completeness sake.

Mos Def – Beef

Definitely a cool song, right?  There’s this funny thing that happens sometimes though, a producer will remix a song and make the vocals actually sound more natural over the new beat, rather than the one they actually rapped over. I think this remix is a good example of that.  It’s from a mixtape called Mos Dub, check it.

Mos Def – Johnny Too Beef

Maybe you’ve got a different opinion, but I think Mos Def’s flow fits awesome over a dub reggae-derived beat.  I’m surprised he doesn’t do it more.  Maybe Yasiin Bey will move things in that direction…

Another cool thing about this remix was that it turned me onto the original version of this reggae song that I like a lot.  I knew about and always loved the Bunny Wailer version of this song, but that’s not the one Max Tannone used for his remix.

The Slickers – Johnny Too Bad


Hm, I feel like that was kind of a quick one compared to how they’ve been going lately, but we still covered a lot of ground I think!  Hope y’all enjoyed this Rap Journey.

For all you newcomers out there, if you want to see the previous installments of this series, just click the link that says “Rap Journey” to the left underneath the date of this post and you can see all of em laid out for you.  And you can also scroll to the bottom of the page and click on an artist in the tag cloud you’re interested in and see all the posts I’ve made about that artist!  So handy!  Love you all…

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