I finally finished watching this monstrous Mannie Fresh interview, and there were so many times I wanted to stop and make a post about whatever he was talking about at that moment cuz he covered SO much crazy territory, but I knew I’d never finish it if I did so I just pushed on through ’til the end and I’m so glad I did.  He talks about so many amazing subjects that he has a very unique perspective on;  he talks about the history of rap in New Orleans, he breaks down Bounce music and tells its history, he explains the progression of his own sound and how Back That Azz Up was his attempt at fusing classical music with New Orleans Bounce, he talks about meeting and working with artists like Lil’ Wayne and Juvenile when they were first coming out, it just goes on and on.  He even talks about how when he heard the Jay-Z remix of this song I wrote about a little while back, that he knew that he’d made it in the industry.

The thing that seemed most appropriate for me to write about here though was this little thing, just because it shows how music that seems so far removed can often times be super connected (see my previous post for evidence of this).  He was talking about the song Bling Bling, which was of course a huge song for Cash Money and for hip hop in general

B.G. – Bling Bling (feat. The Hot Boys & The Big Tymers)

But you would never guess where he got the inspiration for the beat from.

Jonzun Crew – Space is the Place

And the best part is, that song also takes its inspiration from an extremely unlikely place.

Sun Ra – Space is the Place

Wait wait, weren’t we talking about Bling Bling?  Yeah, we were.

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  1. you with the whole team, get the pearls on the ding ding. i love it!

    also, awesome post. all of it.

    • REDLiteDJ says:

      Haha yeaaa, thanks dude. I’d really recommend watching that interview. It’s super long but it’s worth every second, I think you’d really enjoy it. Thanks for following, as always!

  2. ross says:

    Man, that Mannie Fresh video is too much. I just watched the whole thing. I hadn’t heard any of those old Bounce beats he played. Great shit. Plus, his laugh is so great.

    • REDLiteDJ says:

      Dude for real, one of the best interviews I’ve ever seen, Mannie schooled me big time. Hah and yea I like his laugh too, and how he’ll kinda clap a little bit when everybody claps for him sometimes. He seems like a awesome dude. Glad you checked it out, I think that interview is sooo worth watching.

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