I guess this must be unofficial reggae week, I feel like every other post has been somehow reggae-related.  Which is cool with me, I’m down with that stuff all the time.  It is kinda funny that we’re just getting into the most un-Jamaican weather of the year right now and suddenly I can’t stop writing about reggae.  I do sort of think that old school ska and rocksteady make a weirdly appropriate soundtrack for the Christmas season though…  maybe that’s just me.

Anyway, what I wanted to tell y’all about is this song that I first heard on Madlib’s Medicine Show No. 4: 420 Chalice All-Stars compilation that came out last year, and it’s my favorite one on there.  Partially because of the particularly sparse texture in the instrumentation through most of it, partially because of the PERFECT amount of delay on the hi hat, but mostly because of the back-and-forth, call and response style of the vocals.  I’m just a sucker for that shit.  But on the compilation, it’s of course cut short to make way for the transition into the next track, so it always left me a little unsatisfied.  But then the other day, with a little help from Matt, I was able to track down the full song, and it makes me feel really good to listen to.  A true song of struggle.

Papa Michigan & General Smiley – Living In A Babylon

It’s from the album Downpression, which is pretty cool all the way through actually.  I probably still like the song above the best, but here’s another one that definitely stood out to me.

Papa Michigan & General Smiley – Diseases

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