Last night I embarked on two pretty big music organization projects in my life.  I started going through all my records to see how many I can bring myself to get rid of (kind of heartbreaking…), and I started at the top of my “Downloads” folder on my computer and I’m now systematically listening to EVERYTHING on there that I’ve put off to see what I want to keep and what I can get rid of.

Then a funny thing happened.  I was listening to this Stylistics album called Round 2 I’d downloaded at some point from who knows where, and this song came on that made me stop and dust off my hands for a second and think.

The Stylistics – You and Me

I really couldn’t think of how I knew this for a while, but if I’d just gone back up to the D section of my record collection I would have come across this track from a DJ Clue album that I picked up a looooong time ago.

DJ Clue – Gangsta Shit (feat. Jay-Z & Ja Rule)


Here’s a little bonus too.  Later on in that Stylistics album is a song called “You’ll Never Get To Heaven If You Break My Heart“, which is maybe the most extreme guilt trip I’ve ever heard laid on someone for breaking up with them.

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4 thoughts on “I NEVER GO BROKE, MY NAME GOT 2 G’S

  1. oh man that “you and me” sample is killin me! i know i’ve heard that somewhere else before… so familiar. dang that’s gonna bug me. that dj clue thing is awesome though. never heard that before.

    but for sure that “you’ll never get to heaven” stuff is sampled in this one:

    i’m gonna try my hardest to remember that other one though, i feel like it’s wu-tang related, but maybe that’s just my mind grasping for something. i don’t know.

    • REDLiteDJ says:

      WHOA! man i’ve totally heard that song before, but not in a long time. That’s awesome. And yeah let me know if you figure that other one out, I’d love to know about that.

  2. Reeve says:

    Why are you downsizing? You been watchin hoarders?

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