Oh!  I’ve already got something else to share with you all!  I’m bouncin back!!

Lauren, Allie, and I recorded this piece last night that we put together for this presentation my mom is giving in Australia in a few days, and the project she’s working on deals with the sound structure of The New Testament and how those stories were passed down orally for hundreds of years before there was an official, written version of The New Testament.  So she and my stepdad made up this new method for studying the structure of The New Testament based on the sounds of the words themselves because they had to be organized in a way that would be memorable enough to be retold to new generations without a written record.  So we made this piece that uses some sound patterns from a New Testament story to make an instrumental musical piece to demonstrate just how important sound is to the structure of that story.

Then, I’d just got finished editing the video and audio for that, and I was reading this interview in Complex with the RZA and he was talking about writing his book The Wu-Tang Manual (which is really awesome, by the way) and how when he got the finished book back, there were some details he’d written that they’d transferred incorrectly in the book, and it really tripped him out, and got him thinking about some broader questions that are surprisingly related to the project we were just working on.

That made me realize, we read the Bible and it’s 2000 years old and we don’t think something is typed up wrong? If I’m still living right on Earth, my book dropped five years ago, and something is wrong in that shit. Come on, man. To me, that was the living proof. I even said to my brother, “If I wrote this myself and I sent it in this way, and it came back this way, imagine what happened with Moses.” [Laughs.]

Just a little something to think about; sometimes it’s good to think about how something got to you when you’re deciding how to integrate it into your life and thinking.  Well put as always, RZA.


2 thoughts on “GETTIN’ BIBLICAL

  1. i love where you came from rick.

  2. […] mentioned before that one of the biggest things that allowed me to start getting interested in and accepting hip-hop […]

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