Man, sorry for being out of the game for a few days there y’all, I got real sick and couldn’t really do anything but lay in bed, watch back episodes of The Daily Show, sip broth, and rest.  Thanks to everybody that helped me out in the course of it all, there are a lot of you and I’m super thankful for everybody’s warm hearts during my weaker moments.

But I think I’m starting to come around today, and so I wanted to throw a little something out there for you all to warm your ears with on these extra cold nights we’ve been having.  I do feel like I’ve been playing myself out a little lately on certain stuff, first the multiple reggae posts, now I’m going to make reference to this same Dilla album I’ve already mentioned in at least 2 other posts in the past week or so…  sorry if it’s making for less interesting reading, I guess I’m just getting a little caught up in a few things.  I’ll move on soon enough I’m sure, just bear with me.

This one’s really good though!!  I found out where the music from this track came from!

J Dilla – No One Knows

Kansas – Nobody’s Home

Crazy right?  See why I had to put this one up?  I can’t ignore that shit just because I don’t wanna play myself out, the people need to know.

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  1. Mike Allen says:

    Very cool. I think I need to listen to more of Dave West-produced stuff. Any idea for a starting point on that?

    • REDLiteDJ says:

      Honestly I’m not really sure, I’d never even heard his name before researching this particular song. I hear he’s known for working with De La Soul, so maybe that might be a good place? But I don’t know what era of their material he was involved with really… I’ll update you if I discover anything, you should do the same.

  2. holy fuck, no way! you got me good with this one rick.

  3. This is so nuts… I need to show this to Matt’s mom, I don’t think even she could argue that he didn’t make something entirely new out of that, whoa!

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