For a while now I’ve been trying to make this post about this certain O’Jays sample Tim pointed out to me recently, and there are just a stupid amount of songs that use it, and I feel like none of them are the one I’m looking for, it’s crazy.  So I decided to come back to it another time (stay tuned), but in the meantime here’s a much more instantly gratifying one for you courtesy of my ol’ buddy Wills.

See Wills has been on this low-fi rap video kick lately, most likely initiated by this badass number (that I hear was recently featured on the new Beavis and Butthead??).

T-Baby – It’s So Cold in the D

So nice.  Then a couple days later he sends me this one, which made me extra glad I watched that Mannie Fresh interview I mentioned in this post.  It’s good to know bounce music is still alive and well, at least in the high schools of New Orleans.

NOSACONN Beats & Lyrics – Pass That GEE

If you watch that Mannie Fresh interview, you’ll see just how true to bounce music that song really is, it’s pretty awesome how little it’s changed actually in the at least 20 years it’s been around.

And I imagine most of you know what song the dude is making reference to in that beginning part of that song, but have you checked out the Lil’ Wayne version…?  Man what if the people that produced that “It’s So Cold In The D” video made a Lil’ Wayne video?  I think that’s what I’m asking for this year for Christmas.  Hook it up, Santa.  I’ve been super good.

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