A while back, this Sly and the Family Stone tribute album came out called Different Strokes By Different Folks, and it basically consisted of a bunch of modern-day artists covering, sampling, and generally re-working a bunch of old Sly Stone songs.  Like most albums of this type, it gets a little weird at times, but overall I’ve always been pretty into it.  I hadn’t thought about it much for a while though until Trent sent me this video, which is just beautiful.

The Roots – Star

That one’s probably the song on that album that’s least like the original, but they really keep the concept intact and bring it to the present day, and I think they do a damn good job of it.  And that video really seals the deal, in my opinion, and I had no idea it existed until today.  Thanks Trent!

I just wish the reworking of “Runnin’ Away” from that album got a video too, cuz it’s one of my favorite Sly and the Family Stone songs, and it’s definitely my favorite track on that tribute album.

Big Boi – Runnin’ Away (feat. Sleepy Brown & Killer Mike)

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