This one I didn’t even see coming, I was just going to put somethin up about this one song sounding like another song, but then it turned into a full-fledged journey before my eyes.  It was awesome.  Check it out.

Ever since I got turned onto Main Attrakionz a few months ago (thanks Matt), I’ve been listening to them a bunch, and they’ve got a pretty wide variety of stuff that all really appeals to me.  They’ve got some real floaty sounding stuff, some stuff that’s kinda southern influenced, some straight party music, all kinds of shit.  And it’s all cool.  But anyway, there was this one song by one of the dudes from that group that I’ve been feelin lately, and it’s what got me started on this journey.

MondreHott – Js A Nigga

Feels good, right?  Fuck yeah.  Well the other day I was up at the cofee shop takin care of some stuff, and this song came on the Pandora station Jade and Kelsey were listening to.

Fabolous – So Into You (feat. Tamia)

So when I got home I looked it up, and when I listened to it again I was like man, this is definitely the same music but it sounds different.  Do you hear it?  Just the sound of the instruments and stuff, it’s weird.  I’ve decided that I’m pretty sure that EPMDenny (the producer for the MondreHott song) just remade the beat from the Fabolous song himself with his own instruments and stuff.  They’re not ripping it off though, they’re definitely trying to reference the Fab song directly, he even quotes it in the opening lines (“What kinda drinks you be sippin?  What type of weed you be smokin?”).  So that’s interesting.  I was originally going to just post that up, because it intrigued me, but then I thought it might be wise to find out if that Fabolous song had some history of its own I should look into.

It turns out that the album version of that song actually has Ashanti singing the chorus, but the original version of the song is based on a Tamia solo song from 1998.

Tamia – So Into You

And not only that, but that Tamia song is based on a Commodores song from 20 years earlier!

The Commodores – Say Yeah

Damn!  Over 30 years of passed-along and borrowed funk and I didn’t know about ANY of it until like a month ago.  Thanks to everybody involved in cluing me into the pieces of this and getting this journey started, y’all are awesome.

Hope that was cool, checkya next time.

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  1. Reeve says:

    fuckin journeyman

  2. […] coolest thing happened the other day!  I posted this Rap Journey a couple days ago, and then out of nowhere I get this email from the producer of the song that got […]

  3. Mike Allen says:

    Rick! While I was listening to all of these songs, I noticed some very close similarities to a beat I’ve heard from a guy I listen to. It sounds like the sample is sped up a bit, and the little guitar part is definitely the same. Check it:

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