I got a real sweet phone call from Simon today letting me know he’d publicly endorsed this humble blog as a prime spot to listen to and learn about new (and old) music on the various social web zones he inhabits, and I think I might have gained a few new readers out of it!  Beautiful!  So I got home today and I was like “man I gotta do some kinda post for him to say thanks” but I couldn’t think of what to do.  So I was kinda flipping through the events of the day that I could remember, searching for inspiration, and this little article that Andrew showed me today came to mind.  It’s a collection of 10 Pimp C lyrics that “Will Make Your Momma Faint” in honor of today, which would have been Pimp’s 38th birthday (RIP).  So now I’m like “fuck, now I’ve gotta try to pay tribute to my everlasting homie Simon and at the same time honor the beyond legendary Pimp C at the same time??  This can’t be possilbe.”  But then it came to me.

See back in the day when me and Simon used to DJ on the regular at Turqoise (back when Turquoise existed), he used to throw on this 45 real frequently, and it just made me melt every damn time, I swear.

Aaron Neville – Hercules

I feel like that song could make anybody melt, personally, but it was especially effective on me because of this track, which has some killer verses and is produced by… who else?  Pimp C.

UGK – Chrome Plated Woman

So at the intersection of Pimp C and Simon Goetz lies Aaron Neville I guess.  Hm.  I guess that makes sense.  RIP Chad, long live Simon!

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  1. oh pimp c, this one always gets me… and would probably make my momma faint.

    “i’ve been fuckin pussy since the tenda age of nine.”

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