Stumbling across samples from popular stuff is always really awesome, but it’s not really that rare because usually popular new songs borrow stuff from popular old songs, you know?  So it’s not that hard to come across.  But finding the sample to some fucked up weird fringy shit is extra satisfying, because they usually borrow from other fucked up weird fringy shit, so it’s not as easy to just hear a song on the radio or in a movie or something, it usually poses a little more of a challenge.

This one I just got lucky on.  I was checkin out this album by a chick named Doris from the ’70s and from the moment the bass line started I knew I was having one of those rare moments.

Doris – You Never Come Closer

This one’s even more meaningful to me because it’s on one of my favorite albums of all time.  It took me a little while to get into the weirdness of it, but after I did I realized it was absolutely amazing.  The way the skits and the music are integrated, and the style of the beats in general, it’s really somethin special.

Quasimoto – Closer (feat. MF Doom)

It’s a pretty awesome day when you spot a Madlib sample, I’m glad I could share it with you all.  Get that Quas album, and fuck it get that Doris album too.

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  1. Man, if somebody would have told me that Doris track came out last year I’d have believed it… really nice sounds all around.

  2. […] my excitement writing this post after how giddy I was about figuring out a Madlib sample back in this post.  This one’s even more crazy and involved than that one was, and I’m pretty pumped […]

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