Happy New Year everybody!!

For those that aren’t on the REDLite email list, first of all let me invite you to send an email to REDLiteDJ (at) gmail (dot) com and get on it, it’s where I inform everybody of shows I’m playing, new mixtapes I’m working on, and all kinds of things of that nature.  It’s a little more personal and in-depth than these blog posts tend to be, and I’ve had quite a few people that don’t even live in the same city as me and never are able to come to my shows or anything tell me that they are really glad to be on the email list.  So get on it!

Secondly, let me fill you in on how special today’s post is: this is officially the 100th post on this blog!  And not only that, it’s also the first post of this brand new year we’re starting, so I wanted to do something kinda special with it.  So I’m going to do a week-long series (or maybe it’ll go longer, who knows?) of my favorite tracks that, as Weezy puts it, “let the beat build, beeitch.”  Part of the reason I fell in love with rap in the first place is its repetitiveness and it’s often perfectly simple large-scale structure, I think that the way hip hop artists handle those features of the music are often what make it really beautiful.  There’s an honesty and a boldness in saying “No, you know what?  These 2 bars of this old track right here are the best ones of the whole song, and I’m going to loop them for you for 4 minutes straight and keep your interest the entire time just to prove it to you.”  That’s badass to me.  But I have to admit, I also have a soft spot for those songs that change and shift over the course of them and really take you on a dynamic journey from beginning to end.  Maybe that’s the music school in me, maybe it’s my weirdly long attention span.  Either way, these songs just make me real happy, and I figured it would be an appropriate time to share them with you all in this time of new beginnings and new directions in life.

So enough explanations, let’s get to the damn tunes.  I’ve got to start it out with the most obvious example, the song that provided me the name and the inspiration for this series.

Lil’ Wayne – Let the Beat Build

I feel like I kinda ruined the surprise on that one by mentioning the hook from this song in the explanation for this series, so that might have been a little anticlimactic for you, and I don’t want the first post of 2012 to be in any way a let-down.  So here’s a nice little chunk of history you might not be familiar with.

Eddie Kendricks – Day By Day

Stay tuned for more, y’all!  There are plenty of great ones to come.

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