That first Let The Beat Build installment was pretty lighthearted, this next one is not.

I think the first time I ever heard a pure, genuine sad rap song was Biggie’s “Suicidal Thoughts“, and it really blew me away.  It was when I was first getting into rap and I was still under the impression that rappers were 100% hard all the time and never showed any weakness or emotion, and then the first time I listened to Ready to Die all the way through I was amazed to hear the same dude that just rapped “Gimme the Loot” talk about how he’s not sure if his mother would cry over his own death.  Then Jay-Z followed suit, ending his first album with “Regrets“, which isn’t quite as extreme as Biggie’s album-ender, but definitely lets you in on some of the downsides of the lifestyle he depicts on the rest of that album.

But those dudes just threw in a somber one every now and then, there’s a dude I’ve spent a lot of time listening to that seems to be pretty much constantly in that zone, and that’s Z-Ro.  He’s got so many songs about being sad, it’s out of control.  In this song he professes that “ain’t a day go by I don’t wish I didn’t have to miss my momma”, which isn’t just super sad taken at face value, it’s also presented in the most negative way possible: with ain’t/don’t/didn’t all in a row.  Heavy.

But all these songs I’ve mentioned so far don’t have an instrumental that supports and intensifies that heavy, sad feeling as much as this one does, which I think makes it the saddest Z-Ro song to date, which is fuckin saying something.  I really encourage you to listen to every word of this song, it’s really amazingly written, in my opinion.

Z-Ro – Blast Myself

Whew.  I wish I could do somethin to help that dude out, for real.  I worry about him sometimes.

I want to show you the song that Z-Ro is quoting for the hook in that song, but it’s kind of a heavy one too so I almost don’t want to.  But I decided that it’d be cool as long as I post the version with the happier-sounding beat, cuz it really is an awesome song, and very relevant to that Z-Ro track.

2Pac – I Wonder If Heaven Got A Ghetto

Thanks for going there with me, y’all.  Life ain’t all fun and games, you know?

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5 thoughts on “LET THE BEAT BUILD #2 – Z-RO

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