I had to end the week with the ultimate.  It takes a little bit to get to the build, but when it comes, it’s out of control.

D’Angelo – Untitled

It’s a shame the video for this song is a little abridged, it kinda ruins the build a little bit.  I still love it though, you should definitely watch it if you haven’t yet, or just haven’t in a while even.  I’ve been hearing rumors about a new album of his coming out this year maybe, but  I’ll believe it when I see it.  There’ve been rumors like that for a while now.  That’d make me pretty ok for the apocalypse though, if it did happen.

Well that’s gonna be the last entry in this series for now, we’re a week into 2012 and hopefully these tracks have been building you up to accomplish whatever you’re lookin to accomplish this year.  It’s definitely been fun for me to do this little series, and I’ll continue to make entries into this category from now on if I come across anything, and if you have any favorites of this type let me know for sure.  I really love this stuff, obviously.


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