Some Journeys aren’t over when you think they are.

I spent quite a while back on Rap Journey #6 tracking down the sample that I’d heard on several very different rap songs over the years, and I put quite a few different versions on there, and I thought I’d wrapped up my connections with the Donny Hathaway song I eventually tracked it down to.  But then, when Mike Allen reminded me of this John Legend/Roots album that came out a little over a year ago in the comments to this post, I stumbled across this track.

John Legend & The Roots – Little Ghetto Boy

Trent’s been bugging me to get that album for months now, and I’ve meant to but I just kept forgetting over and over again.  I’m glad I finally got the little push at the right time that I needed to just get it, because it looks like it’s gonna be pretty awesome.  Thanks guys!

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