This is the thing I mentioned at the beginning of this post a while back. I was working on this for a while, and I wasn’t quite getting where I wanted to be, and I thought if I gave it some time and came back to it I could figure it out. Alas, I never could quite track down the elusive (and possibly imaginary) holy grail track for this one, but it still goes some cool places so I figured I should just go ahead and post it. Maybe one of you all will read it and figure it out for me! That’d be badass.

This one started when Tim sent me and message tellin me a story about being at the grocery store and hearing what he thought was one of his favorite EPMD songs on the store radio, which is pretty unlikely, at least at the grocery stores I shop at.

EPMD – Bac Stabbers

Turns out it was this tune, which makes a lot more sense.

The O’Jays – Back Stabbers

That was the end of Tim’s journey, and he seemed pretty happy about it, but it ended up being only the beginning of mine. See I was groovin to that O’Jays song and when they hit that “What they do?” part something clicked in my brain. I knew there was some song that used that part at least, but I couldn’t think of it for the life of me. So I started searching, and I saw there was a Lil’ Wayne and Lloyd song that sampled that song, so I was like “I listen to Lil’ Wayne, this must be it!”

Lloyd – You (feat. Lil’ Wayne)

But it wasn’t. I mean yes, it does use that sample but it wasn’t the song I was thinking of. So I kept searching. And searching. I found a Grand Puba song that has a chick singing the same chorus on it, a Junior M.A.F.I.A. song that does the same kinda thing, an Untouchables (DJ Wich & Rasco) song that has a crazy sped up sample of that original song, a B.O.B. mixtape track that uses it… all of em weren’t the song I was thinking of. It’s possible that the song I think I’m thinking of just doesn’t exist at all, and I’m ok with that. I just wish I knew for sure! But the happy ending to this otherwise kinda disappointing journey is this last song I stumbled across is pretty tight, and I’m thankful I know it now.

Project Pat – Stabbers (feat. Crucial Conflict)

YES. I’m definitely gonna find the album this is from and check it out, cuz that song just feels so nice.

So that’s where I ended up. Just like life, Rap Journeys don’t always end up the way you think/want them to, but if you keep your mind open a little bit, you might end up in a pretty cool place that you wouldn’t have ended up otherwise. Thanks for gettin this one started, Tim, and holler at me if you find that final missing link!

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  1. Reeve says:

    Your O’Jays youtube link is down. Try this one for Back Stabbers. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hzTeLePbB08

    You need to start writing out the artist and titles so when copyright laws eventually fuck all of us in the ass, we will all remember what you were talking about.

    • REDLiteDJ says:

      Oh damn, thanks Reeve. I got that link fixed, and that’s probably a good suggestion on the song title thing. Who knows how long these Internet glory days will last…

  2. […] a quick follow-up on Rap Journey #11 – I got around to checkin’ out that Project Pat album tonight, and this song rubs me in […]

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