Today me, Wills, and Matt took full advantage of the Cici’s $3.49 pizza buffet (with salad bar) happy hour special, and somehow we could still move afterward, so me and Wills hit up a few thrift stores around town to see what we could get ahold of on the cheap.  He found an $0.89 skateboard; I found this record.

Love Unlimited – Say it Again

This group is one of the best ideas in music history maybe: get Barry White’s backup singers (which consisted of his ladyfriend, her sister, and her cousin) to make their own album, but still have everything written and produced by Barry White.  I mean I already love Barry White’s music, but hearing his style and sound through female voices is a real beautiful thing, as a dude.

And you Madlib heads out there probably recognize this from  “Another Batch (Play it Again)” from the Beat Konducta Vol. 6 album.  I wanted to post that song up here so bad because I was really excited to find the original, but I can’t find it in the tubes anywhere.  You can get a sample of it if you click on that link for the album though, and that album is totally worth your time and money to listen to, it’s a strong one.

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