Today was real excellent.  I climbed a mountain, uncovered animal remains in the sand, ate a burger at least 8 inches in diameter, and I bought a new shirt!  And in between all of those things, I basked in quite a few friendly tunes in Andrew’s Camry while Wills navigated us through central Oklahoma.  I couldn’t have asked for a better day really.

One cool thing that did happen that actually pertains to this blog is we listened to Beck’s album Guero, which I haven’t spent very much time with to be real honest, but really enjoyed on this trip.  I’m always surprised by how much I actually do like Beck when I hear him, I kinda always forget until it’s on and then I’m like “aw dude…”  But yeah when this song came on, it reminded me of stumbling across a sample that’s used in it a couple years ago.

Beck – Hell Yes

Ohio Players – Far East Mississippi

Fun fact:  for a long time, I had this Ohio Players song the default ringtone on my phone.  See if you can guess which part.  Shouldn’t be too hard.

Ohio Players – Funky Worm

Don’t fight the feelin’!

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