Remember when this video came out right after we screened “Do the Right Thing” on the coffee shop patio?  Well they got a new video from that same album that just came out, and while it’s not quite as amazing or serendipitous as that first one was, it’s still definitely worth watching if for no other reason than the cute kids dancing throughout it.

Nappy Roots – Pete Rose (feat. Khujo Goodie)

The other cool thing about this video is the appearance of Khujo on the track, he’s definitely one of my favorite Dungeon Family dudes, so I always like it when he makes an appearance.  It’s also cool that he happens to be making reference to an earlier track of his from back when he was with Goodie Mob (or maybe he still is, I’m not sure if Goodie Mob is still a thing or not) that has an absolutely killer video.  Definitely one of my favorite Goodie Mob songs.

Goodie Mob – Cell Therapy

I’ve been waiting for an excuse to post that video for a while honestly, I’m glad a video came out for that Nappy Roots song so I could bring that one to light for y’all.  It should come as no surprise that it came from the group that coined the term “Dirty South”.

Goodie Mob – Dirty South (feat. Big Boi)

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