I know weird rap is not a new thing, but the internet is making it way more possible for all the serious weirdos making rap videos out there to reach a broad audience.  It’s interesting because in a lot of ways, mainstream rap has moved more and more towards the opposite extreme of being ultra marketable to the point of some new videos looking more like commercials than music videos, but on the other hand the underground is moving farther and farther into the opposite extreme to ultra niche appeal territory.  It’s cool to watch, I’m enjoying both extremes pretty equally to be real honest.

Here are a few of those slightly more bizarre videos that I’ve stumbled across lately.  This first one I just saw for the first time today, and inspired me to put this post together.  Get ready to get weird.

Zebra Katz – Ima Read (feat. Njena Reddd Foxxx)

Flatbush Zombies – Thug Waffle

Kool Keith – The Game is Free (feat. Megabone)

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11 thoughts on “SEEK NOT THE LADY OF GOLD

  1. dang. that was seriously all soooo weird. thanks rick!

  2. Man, that first video reminded me so much of the shining in the first couple of shots… then by the end of this blog post I just wanted to eat a huge plate of waffles while sitting on a couch outdoors…

  3. Is it me or do the jump rope chicks look like some undercover dudes? ps, i don’t know what it means, but i can’t really shake Kool Keith’s outfit outta my mind… flatbill, collared shirt & tie…sparkle scarf. Damn.

    Amazing post.

  4. Reeve says:

    Really digging that Flatbush Zombies track. Earlier today it was making me think of something: Flatbread Zombies.

  5. […] like it when rap videos take place in the forest, remember the Kool Keith video from this post?  Wait that one only takes place in the forest part of the time, this one is the full wilderness […]

  6. […] dude that I definitely make sure not to ignore is Kool Keith.  You might remember his video from this post a while back (that actually can be found on one of my favorite albums of this year so far), or […]

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