I bet there were plenty of people whose first introduction to the Jackson 5 was this performance of their first single on Soul Train.  What an amazing moment that would have been.  And there are some really great moments in the interview too.  I think watching the interviews from the show are just as important as the performances.  You get a feel for the different artists’ personalities as well as the constant presence of Don Cornelius adding an air of weight and power to the otherwise very lighthearted scene.  That juxtaposition is one of the things that makes Soul Train so great, you’ve got this real serious dude taking all this fun, party music real seriously.  That’s a beautiful thing to me.

The Jackson 5 – I Want You Back

I love this interview, it’s so empowering to know that they didn’t have some famous, high-paid choreographer planning out all their dance moves, they worked them out themselves.  And who made all their clothes?  Not a super-hip European designer or anything like that.  They’re made by “a lady by the name of Miss Ruthie West”.  That just makes me really happy.

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4 thoughts on “FOR THE GOOD TIMES (PART 3)

  1. Man, amazing. I feel like I haven’t seen much when Michael was this age- you can kinda see his personal style just starting to come through, it’s cool. They’re all so chill! -even everyone in the audience, like so well-mannered and in control of themselves. Feels like that’s just kinda how things would go down when Don’s holdin it down. Awesome finds, thanks.

  2. man, don asking randy about dancing… incredible tension with that guy. i love it!

  3. […] like this may have been many people’s introduction to the phenomenon that was The Jackson 5, it’s […]

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