This one has a lot going for it.  This song is just amazing on its own, I’ve always been a huge fan of it.  Then you’ve got the moves happening onstage, which are really beyond perfect.  I love seeing the different dudes step up to the mic to do their various solo parts, you get to see a face and a little bit of body language and personality with each section which I think really deepens the experience of the song, and then you’ve got the powerful move of all of them stepping up to the mics to do the chorus parts.  Gives me shivers.  THEN, you’ve got the crazy freeze-frame moves going on among the Soul Train dancers!  That shit’s crazy!  I don’t even care that this is a total lip-synch performance, it’s still got so much power and energy, I love it.

The Temptations – Papa Was A Rolling Stone

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a Don Cornelius interview with The Temptations on the internet anywhere, so you just get a bonus song by them instead.  I think Eddie Kendricks has braces in this one!

The Temptations – Plastic Man

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