I’ve always thought that watching Curtis Mayfield perform doesn’t look much different than somebody doing Curtis Mayfield karaoke.  I feel like his glasses are always kinda crooked, he kinda moves funny, and the way his mouth moves when he sings just doesn’t line up at all with how beautiful and smooth his actual voice is.  I always really enjoy watching it though, and I like the points he brings up in his interview.  It’s good to be reminded that all the themes that are in modern black music have been there for a real long time, and artists are still dealing with the same problems and misconceptions from decades ago.  Thanks for being who you are, Curtis.

Curtis Mayfield – Superfly

Oh!  Remember this one from a couple months back??  See, I told you his issues are still playing out in modern times.

Curtis Mayfield – Pusherman



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6 thoughts on “FOR THE GOOD TIMES (PART 5)

  1. rachel says:

    I’m just realizing that I haven’t watched nearly enough Soul Train in my life. So AWESOME! thanks for sharing all these 🙂

    • REDLiteDJ says:

      I know what you mean. If there was an around-the-clock Soul Train channel on cable, I’d probably get cable. There’s no way I could ever get enough. Glad you’ve been feelin it.

  2. CJ says:

    I like this guy

  3. christina says:

    He’s a gemini like me!

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