Ok I gotta stop doing these.  There’s just no end to the awesome shit I could post in this series, so I just encourage all of you to watch some related videos to all the ones I already put up, and watch plenty of the Soul Train lines that I didn’t put up, because they’re all amazing and totally worth your time.  Let’s not let this awesome thing Don Cornelius created die with him.  I’m gonna leave you where we started on this whole expedition: in the capable hands of Al Green, hope you’ve enjoyed it.  RIP Don, forever.

Al Green – Love & Happiness

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4 thoughts on “FOR THE GOOD TIMES (PART 8)

  1. man, i need more al green.

  2. Amazing! And the keys player, working the pedals in platforms, man. Awesome, the whole thing. Thanks as always, you know how to find em.

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