Sorry for being gone for a couple days there y’all, but I had a little traveling to do and couldn’t really make any time to put anything up here.  I just got to Seattle last night to visit my sister and meet my sweet tiny awesome perfect little baby niece for the first time, and I have to say it was a moving experience to say the least.  To have a 2-month-old child fall asleep in your arms is one thing, and to know that that child has a natural-born connection to you in a very direct, personal, familial way makes it take on even deeper value.  There’s really no feeling I’ve ever had quite like it, and I’m thankful for all the people that allowed this trip of mine to happen so I could experience these things.  It’s gonna be a magical week.

Stevie Wonder – Isn’t She Lovely

Sorry Beavs, I know you can’t stand that song.

She’s not even my kid or anything, but I feel like I got a little taste of what Stevie’s talkin’ about in this song.



  1. what a badass valentines day. proud of you for makin it happen! you’re going to be the worlds coolest uncle. i love this post.

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