Anybody remember wayyyy back to Rap Journey #2?  It all revolved around this little sitar-sounding sample that I’d spotted in a couple places, all of them very awesome.  Well today I got a little missing piece of that whole puzzle I was trying to put together in that post.  I was reading this interview with Jerry Wonder, who was the main producer for the amazing Fugees album The Score because this week marks the 16th anniversary of the release of that album, and he mentions how that sample I was talking about got used in “Killing Me Softly“.

Some idea came up where we just said “You know what, let’s see how we can create break beats.” And of course, we all love A Tribe Called Quest and we went in like “Okay, let’s cut that sample.” And that’s what we did.

So it definitely was not coincidental, The Fugees were just super into Tribe at the time and wanted to use some stuff they were using.  That’s cool to know, I think.  Check out the rest of that interview if you’re at all a fan of that album, there’s even more really interesting stuff he mentions in it (like Akon being involved?).

And if you’re not into that album, maybe you should watch this video and rethink your position.

The Fugees – Fu-Gee-La


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