Oh! Some more Bay Area rap connections while I’m out here. Me and Amber went on a pretty long drive through the country to a town called San Rafael (pronounced ruh-FELL, I’m told) and one of the things we listened to on our journey was this juicy tune.

E-40 – Ballin Outta Control (feat. Levitti)

I bet my little 4th grade mind would have been about as blown by that song when it first came out as my 27 year old mind is by this track we listened to on the trip back, which I think must be meant as a tribute to his Bay Area big homie.

Lil’ B – Basedgods My Name

In between hearing these songs we came across a copy of Limp Bizkit’s “Break Stuffon vinyl in a Goodwill (no, I didn’t buy it) and some weird chocolate wafer candy whose motto was “Say Chair-Old For Finest Flavor“. This place is fuckin weird.

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