More driving on the west coast has yielded more musical surprises.  This time, we were checkin’ out some southern California cats that I’ve been a fan of for a while now, but had neglected their more recent album, so I happened to hear this song for the first time yesterday.

Sa-Ra – Just Like A Baby

Sa-Ra has done a better job than almost anybody at taking funk into the 21st century, but this track happens to be reaching more into the past than in the future.

Sly & the Family Stone – Just Like A Baby

I feel like I know this song inside and out, it’s from possibly my favorite Sly Stone album, There’s A Riot Goin’ On.  And interestingly enough, this is not the only modern-day interpretation of a song from this album.  Check out this time warp.

Sly & the Family Stone – Runnin’ Away

Big Boi, Sleepy Brown, & Killer Mike – Runnin’ Away

And if you want a little more convincing about the significance of this album, you should check out what ?uestlove has to say about it in this really interesting article Matt turned me onto about funk/soul/hip-hop concept albums.  Maybe I need to not avoid Pitchfork so hard, that article is damn interesting.

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