When I first saw that this video was out, my reaction was: “wait wait — MORE “Freaky Tales“??”  Too $hort’s been workin’ this concept for over 20 years now, and while $hort is proven himself to be able to sustain his original rap style for a weirdly long period of time with continuing success, I was still surprised to see him jump back into this series after all this time.  Needless to say, I was really excited.  I love how true to himself he’s stayed over the decades, never compromising for anybody or anything, and continuing to make awesome music and command the respect of pretty much everybody in the rap community the whole time.  Too $hort is a great example of the kind of artist I talked about in my previous post, the kind that understands that it isn’t his job to be an upstanding moral character for the youth of America.  He tells the story of the streets he knows, and for the people that live in that environment he’s lived in, his stories have resonance.

As it turns out, this is actually not exactly a continuation of the “Freaky Tales” ethos, it’s a remake of the original “Freaky Tales” from the 80s, but cut down by about 2/3 and has Snoop (who maybe should have gone by “Too Tall” for this video) rapping half of the time.  I can’t pretend like I wasn’t still captivated the whole time though, who wears a Langston University T-shirt with no chains on in a rap video in 2012?  And where does Snoop do his flannel shopping?  Damn!

Too $hort – Freaky Tales (feat. Snoop Dogg)

Anybody else notice the “Clicc Here To…” link at the top of that video at the beginning?  It’s pretty crazy that Snoop is still keepin’ up with all the old traditions after all these years.  I guess he’s not the only one, though.

I first heard about “Freaky Tales” back when I first discovered Too $hort’s super early material a few years ago, and if you want a complete breakdown of the “Freaky Tales” saga, with full versions of all the songs included, check out Andrew Noz’s in-depth research.  And if you wanna see the man himself lay out the history of the original track, you have to watch this interview which clearly happened on the same day that video shoot did.

I had no idea ’til I saw this that Too $hort was producing that shit too, I wonder if he produced the stuff I put up in this post a while back too?  Wouldn’t be surprised.  Keep it up, $hort.

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One thought on “THESE ARE THE TALES

  1. That ticker tape is hilarious… Obama is a snob because he wants everybody to go to college.

    Also, Snoop’s sunglasses??? whoa.

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