I thought of this in the shower today, I was feelin real rested and carefree cuz I haven’t had to go to work in a while, and this little loop was just spinnin’ around in my head cuz it fit just right with how I was feeling.  It’s one of the most laid back, start-of-a-good-day-feelin loops around, and playing it in my mind to myself while I was gettin’ soaped up made me want to find out where it came from.  I first heard it way back in the day on this Rakim song from his first solo album.

Rakim – Remember That

A few years later, when I was getting more into southern rap, I came across this track that actually predates that Rakim song by about 3 years.

UGK – It’s Supposed To Bubble

It’s cool to hear a Houstonian and a New Yorker flip the same sample but treat it slightly different because of how the sound in their area is, I really feel like those two songs have a surprisingly different feel to them even though the meat of the instrumental is totally the same.

When I started trying to track down the common ancestor to both those songs, I discovered quite a few other tracks that also came from that same song, some of which even predate one or both of the previous rap versions.  Crazy.

Big Daddy Kane – Give It To Me

Then this one that came out around the same time that UGK version happened.

Main Source – Only the Real Survive

The thing I didn’t know was who K-Cut, Pimp C, Spark Boogie, Mister Cee, and DJ Clark Kent were all listening to in the mid-90s when they made these beats.  Until now.

Pleasure – Thoughts of Old Flames

And here’s this Guilty Simpson song, that seems to be unrelated sample-wise but is called the same thing pretty much.  I dunno.

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  1. Boo Radley says:

    P.A. a lil town with big Nutz….Love this sample and def am partial to the UGK version…i need that syrupy slow groove in my cup…it had to be one of UGK’s early vids

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