Well dammit, I got on here to make a post about how this new Lil’ B song samples one of my favorite Aaliyah songs, and about how I used to wonder what would happen when it wasn’t super in style to sample 60s/70s soul, but now I see that as rap moves forward, the time period it culls from for samples just moves with it.  But “Fonk Ain’t Dead” from God’s Father isn’t on YouTube somehow; must be the only Lil’ B song not on YouTube.  And yes, I know I can just post a link to some other page that has it, but it’s always so much nicer to actually have the video embedded in the post, you know?  Ah well OK, here’s a link, and here’s the Aaliyah video, which coincidentally starts out the same way a lot of Lil’ B videos end.

But I still wanna do a post like I normally would, so here’s a song I just discovered yesterday by a dude who would apparently never rap over an Aaliyah sample, and whose album cover is a good example of the phenomenon I mentioned back in this post.

Coop MC – Maximize Your Profits

I like that he shouts out “Kansas” in the outro, that’s a state that doesn’t get a lot of love from rappers.

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