Wills just provided me with the biggest pile of evidence for the point I was trying to make in this post I’ve ever seen.  I floated around a lot of topics in that lengthy one, but one of the main points was that the compromised morality and so-called “obscenity” that people get so worried about in rap music is by no means born out of rap culture.  It’s a timeless staple of a certain segment of society that simply changes forms to fit with the current styles of expression.  This is a position that I’ve held for quite a while now, but have only recently started coming across some really good evidence for.

Yesterday, Wills sent me a link to a 1930s country blues song called “Please Warm My Weiner” and encouraged me to check out the other suggested videos on the page, which I did.  After sampling such titles as “It’s Tight Like That“, “Big Ten Inch“, “Banana in Your Fruit Basket“, and “Let Me Squeeze Your Lemon“, it was pretty difficult to choose a song to provide as the best example for this post, mostly because there were so many really great examples that choosing one over all the others seemed an impossible feat of discretion, but I felt like this particular one most resembled a rap song of today that a concerned member of polite society would object strongly to.  She’s even got a pretty in-style rap name.

Lil’ Johnson – Press My Button

I feel like the words to that song could be changed only very slightly and it would have been a big hit in, say, the New Orleans Bounce scene.

Silky Slim – Sister Sister

And look at that, she’s even got a pretty good 1930s blues name!

This same sentiment could be (and has been) just as easily be adapted as a funk song, or a rock song, or an R&B song, or whatever future genre of music our children’s children create.  Now if either of these songs make you blush, or cause you to feel uneasy in some way, I think the real question you should ask yourself is: what’s really wrong with songs like these?  If it’s not demonstrating a decline of morality our society, but simply the newest form of an eternal method of expression in our culture, then what’s the problem?  Are we not allowed to talk about sex in our songs?  Is there something really wrong with having songs that are mostly there to make you chuckle?  I really don’t see what there is to be afraid of in this kind of expression.  I’d encourage everybody to check out all the related videos to both of these songs, just keep em flowing through your ears until nothing shocks you anymore and you can just enjoy it, because there’s no point in fighting it, really.  Not talking about it or not paying attention to it isn’t going to make it go away, so let’s just embrace it.

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