Ooh, remember when I was talkin’ about odd team-ups in rap?  How bout this one?

A-Trak – Piss Test (feat. Juicy J & Danny Brown)

This one’s a three-way mind warp with a Montreal-born turntablist/producer of much prestige as well as Kanye’s ex-personal tour DJ, a Memphis born Three 6 Mafia member and general old school dirty south crunk master, and a new school crazy ass from Detroit with possibly the most far out voice in rap.  What unites all of these talents?  Is it only a dislike for being inconvenienced by drug tests?  Surely not.  I feel like it’s really A-Trak’s production that makes this strange-on-paper combination work.  He’s known for fusing rap and dance music elements in his production, which often means juggling a combination of loose, syncopated rhythms and simpler, on-the-beat rhythms in the same song, and if you listen to Juicy and Danny rhyme over this track, you’ve got that trademark ultra-simple on-beat style of Juicy J that sits well on top of that on-beat synth line, while Danny Brown’s less predictable style is more reminiscent of of the various snare and auxiliary percussion elements in the beat – you’d be hard pressed to clap in rhythm to it, but you can’t deny that it fits in there in between all of those accented strong beats.  This is a match that I never would have come up with in my mind, but I think it works pretty impressively.

I also just couldn’t resist posting this song when I heard Juicy J drop the line: “You say no to drugs/that mean mo’ fa me” because of my undying love for this track.

Devin the Dude – Mo’ Fa Me

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7 thoughts on “MO’ FA ME

  1. yes! i’ve been obsessed with this snoop song lately, and there is a “mo’ fa me” line (around 55 seconds in) that always makes my day because of devin.

    snoop dogg – boss’ life (featuring nate dogg)

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