Man, I’m hesitant to hit you all with two super-long interviews in a row on here, but I just love ’em and I feel like this one’s just as necessary as that TI one was yesterday.

This is in keeping with the precedent I set a little while ago when my man Mondre from Main Attrakionz started following me back on Twitter, and I made an extra little dedication post for him to say thank you.  Yesterday, I got a message to let me know that DâM-FunK is now following me back on Twitter as well, and I think one of the best ways to get into DâM’s style (besides listening to a bunch of his music, of course) is to watch this interview he did around the time his Toeachizown album was coming out.  You will never hear a dude more dead serious about funk music, and I have so much respect for that.  He makes that point early on in the interview, that it’s good to be strong and really outspokenly stand for something.  That’s something I always strive to do, and it’s nice to see a dude with that philosophy getting some success and exposure in today’s music world.

I feel like I was guilty of not taking a lot of funk, especially 80s funk, very seriously because of how it gets portrayed a lot of times, but listening to DâM-FunK’s music over the past few years has really altered my perception of that music.  I remember when I bought the Toeachizown vinyl box set, I wasn’t even that familiar with DâM’s style, but I just had this feeling that it was something that might be good for me to give a solid chance to, and over time his sound really got inside me and I’ve grown to truly love it.  That seriousness and dedication really comes through in the music, and through his style I’ve been able to gain a better appreciation for a lot of the 80s funk he talks about in that interview.  One of my favorite things in the world is learning to like and appreciate new things, so I totally owe DâM-FunK everything in that regard, he opened my eyes.

Another mixtape that I’m hoping to finish up during this time I have in Tulsa is my tribute to DJ Screw which is a collection of songs that DJ Screw didn’t get to remix in his lifetime, but I feel would gain something from his basic technique.  I tried to emulate his technique as much as possible, mainly through the use of vinyl instead of digital sources for the remixing to get that, as DâM-FunK would say, warmer sound, and also to be able to change the speed more drastically without losing audio quality.  I say all this to let you all know that once that mixtape gets finalized and put out, the opening track is going to be a chopped & screwed version of this DâM-FunK song from Toeachizown.

DâM-FunK – 10 West

You’ll just have to use your imagination on how that will sound chopped & screwed until I get it all completed and released.

And one more bonus for you all, because it’s one of my favorite DâM-FunK moments, is this video which is an acoustic version of the song he talks about in that interview doing like 21 takes of to get it right.

DâM-FunK – I Wanna Thank U 4 Steppin’ Into My Life

Thanks for keepin’ the funk alive, DâM, and for always taking it to the next level.  Much love.



  1. Christina Naifeh says:

    I know this isn’t technically chopped and screwed, but it sounds like it is. Anyway i just found this song that i’ve been looking for (thank you timothy) and i figured i’d post it.

  2. Christina Naifeh says:

    oh and that first dam funk song.

    real good.

  3. christina says:

    i think you’re right

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