Matt hit me with a couple pretty hard-hitting rap questions the other day via email, and I attempted to tackle one of them in this post.  In another one, he mentioned the Big L song “Ebonics“, one of his (and my) favorites, which reminded him of this Vado song that samples a different Big L song that features two other artists tragically taken from this world before their time, 2Pac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G.

Vado – Large On The Streets

Big L – Deadly Combination (feat. 2Pac & The Notorious B.I.G.)

I’d never heard that Vado track before, and I hadn’t heard “Deadly Combination” in forever, so I was very thankful to get the introduction and re-introduction to each of those songs separately, as well as in connection to each other.  The other thing that caught my ear, however, was the instrumental sample in that Vado track, that shit sounded super familiar to me.  I knew I’d heard it here most recently.

Lil’ Wayne – President Carter

But that wasn’t the first time that those pensive harp plucks had inspired some more serious reflections from ol’ Weezy, there’s also this mixtape track from around the time Tha Carter III was getting recorded.

Lil’ Wayne – Outstanding

So where did these ethereal tones come from originally?  Oh, of course!  An obscure French soundtrack composer from the early 70s, duh.

François de Roubaix – Les Dunes D’Ostende

So I guess this is a song from a French vampire movie from 1971 called Les Levres Rouges, which directly translated is The Red Lips, but when released in the U.S., it got the title Daughters of Darkness.  Yes, it’s on Netflix.  Yes, I’m definitely going to watch it, even though I don’t do very well with movies that involve peoples blood being taken from them.  Let me know if you wanna get together and check it out with me, I could probably use a hand to hold during some parts.

Bonus track: there’s a Roc Marciano song that uses some of the more dissonant sections of that original Roubaix piece, if you’re interested.  Thanks for getting the ball rolling on this one, Matt!  Very juicy.

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  1. Damn! That is one hell of a find! I got some hands you can hold if you still want to watch that flick, too.

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