I’ve mentioned before that one of the biggest things that allowed me to start getting interested in and accepting hip-hop was RZA‘s amazing Wu-Tang Manual.  It gave me insight not just into the music of the Wu-Tang Clan, but hip-hop in general, and allowed me to understand the environment those people came up in and the difficulties they faced.  That understanding of just how different their world was from mine made it possible for me to begin to accept the more superficially objectionable content of a lot of rap music.

I also just love RZA’s perspective and approach to life, he’s probably just as inspirational to me as a spiritual thinker as he is a musician.  So I was very excited to see this new interview with him where he discusses a lot of those topics that he deals with so well: spirituality, music, creativity, fear, life, and even more.  Very inspiring.

RZA 1-2-1 interview with Jeff Staple (parts 1 & 2)

Here is that song he is quoting from at the end of Part 2.  I was really excited to hear him reciting those lines, I’ve thought for a long time that this is my favorite RZA solo track.

RZA – A Day To God Is 1000 Years

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